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Identity is a Journey

Are you… 

→ Confused about how to support your gender-expansive young person?

→ Uncertain about pronouns, gender expression, terminology, hormones, or surgery?

→ Experiencing pain from unsupportive family, friends, or community?

→ Looking for a safe place to explore your identity?

LGBTQIA+ Therapy

You deserve clarity, inner peace, and support at every stage in your journey.

Online LGBTQ Therapy Oregon & Washington

At Barefoot And Balanced, we want gender-diverse people to be able to safely explore their gender identity, and create an environment where they are affirmed. They might end up at a gender “destination,” such as a clear identity of male, female, non-binary, etc. Or they might continue on a lifelong gender journey with their identity and expression continuing to flow throughout their life.

We want family members of gender-diverse young people to have a safe place to work out their own feelings and process while being a loving and affirming resource for their young person. As clinicians and mentors, we want families to learn to celebrate their young person’s authenticity, knowing that their loving support is the greatest gift they can offer to help their young person experience robust mental health and resiliency, wherever their gender journey might take them.

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